Cheap lessons

Driving Lessons Giffnock

Ever heard the term ‘you get what you paid for?

Cheap deals aren’t always what they are cracked up to be!  

Many schools advertise cheap lessons and very tempting introductory offers, but its virtually guaranteed that the school will either not be providing you with your proper time allocation or will stretch the tuition out to ensure that costs are covered.

At Streetwise Driving School, we don’t cut corners. We look for our pupils to show the drive and enthusiasm in each of the lessons to ensure full preparation for your tests as quickly as possible.

STREETWISE Driving School is run by fully qualified, highly experienced Driving Instructors who have worked in the industry for several years.  Our advice to any pupil would be make sure you are happy with what your instructor is going to do for you, the cost involved and don’t be afraid to ask questions.