Pass Plus

The Pass Plus course is made up of six modules, which are conducted by a fully qualified STREETWISE driving instructor. All of the modules must be successfully completed to the required DSA standard in order to complete the course.

The modules are designed to enhance the skills and experience of a new driver, and develop awareness in order to increase road safety.   Detailed below is a brief outline of the structure of each module:

Driving around a town:

The first module has two parts. It begins with an introduction to Pass Plus, explaining the course aims and the skills and knowledge to be covered.

The second part is a practical session covering the different features of driving in a town, such as complex junctions and public transport.

You’ll focus on:

  • observation, judgement and awareness
  • eye contact
  • consideration for vulnerable road users
  • showing caution
  • keeping space around your car

All weather driving:

This module will be covered as much as possible in a practical session. You’ll focus on correct speed, safe stopping distances, plus seeing and being seen in:

  • rain
  • sleet, snow and ice
  • mist and fog
  • bright sunshine

You’ll also look at skidding, and:

  • what causes skids